Born in Santarém (Portugal) in 1982, in a hospital which ceased to exist in that same year, I've always been trying to find different ways of expressing myself with words.

After a 3 year experience at Teatrinho de Santarém, I was one of the co-founders of Poesia Para Ninguém, a poetry reading group with which I started travelling around the country sharing poems in some odd and beautiful places. But it was while working at the Library of Grândola that I came across the world of stories.

Being responsible for the reading promotion programs for five years gave me the opportunity to know that stories have no age or no specific public. Their  impact is always unexpected and our life is never the same after listening to them.

In December 2012 I have moved to Hamburg, Germany where stories keep inhabiting my daily life, developing different projects at different levels.

Portugal, Spain, Poland, Romania, Danmark, Iran and Germany have been the latest experiences in this continuous sharing.

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