Home Stories

 When the doors of your house open, there´s a new world in which guests are introduced and where everything is possible!

After a warm and unforgettable start in Lisbon with Elsa Serra, the Home Stories are now in Hamburg and they have brought some wine along.

As you sit in the confort of your own sofa and surrounded by friends in a cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy the pleasure of having stories told surrounded by the warmth of different portuguese wines in a unique experience.

Duration: 60/75 minutes

Target Public: Adults

Stories on the Run


With the recent coming of refugees from different backgrounds to Germany, it was obvious to me that something concerning stories had to be done.

Every week I meet a group of adults with whom I am (re)developing the concept of telling stories and using them as an important tool in their new phase.

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Shadow Theatre
Once upon a time there was a time without time where the stories were told and seen in a completely different way that we know nowadays.

At that time stories also used to be robbed in order to be later shared with the whole world so that they would never be forgotten.

In this activity the public is invited not only to see a normal shadow theatre , but to listen to stories in a complete different way, often been invited to lay down with the belly up to see it developing in the ceiling.

Duration: 60 minutes

Target Public: 3-10 years old

The Creation of the World
In the beginning there was nothing. And so God decided to create the world. But unlike what the bible says he decided to use a magic formula which has been used countless times throughout the times: Once upon a time…

This session is the result of the mixture of both traditional and author short stories from different countries and authors such as Eduardo Galeano, Augusto Monterroso or the 1001 nights.

In the end, it is a rather different suggestion on how the history of humanity has developed till we get to our days.

Duration: 45/60 minutes

Target Public: Teenagers and Adults


 Die Nachbarn

 Having come to Germany two and a half years ago, it is now high time to start revealing some of the secrets that have initiated me in this new life.

Shall we find them out?

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